Everyone is Welcome Here!

At Together Yoga & Movement, we believe yoga is for EVERY body, not just the bendy ones. We believe yoga is a lifestyle and that it is so much more than the asanas (physical poses). We believe in creating a strong, caring, and compassionate community, centered around health and wellness. We believe the world would be a much better place if everyone practiced yoga. Our mission is to create an inclusive space for everyone to enjoy the mental, physical & spiritual benefits of yoga.

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New to Yoga? Let’s Explore Together

Together Yoga Louisville Kentucky

Are you new to yoga?

Start with the Begin Together classes.

Do you want to move and stretch?

Try the Flow Gently Together classes

Do you want to build strength and like to be challenged?

Do you want to relax and stretch?

Try the Chill Together classes

Our Approach

Toether in Kentucky Approach

Everyone is welcome here regardless of how much you have practiced, if at all!


For those who are brand new to yoga, we offer 1 "Begin Together" orientation class each week, where you learn the basics, including the vernacular. This is a great way to start your yoga journey!


If you've been practicing yoga for a while, we have plenty of classes for you too!

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