We offer a wide variety of classes, including Pilates and light weight training

Flow Together

This Vinyasa-style class is an evolving form of yoga rooted in traditional Hatha. Flowing sequences integrate movement with breath while increasing strength and flexibility. Though styles vary among instructors, students will enjoy a dynamic and energetic class. This class is appropriate for yogis who are comfortable moving quickly and energetically.

Begin Together

Are you new to the world of yoga and eager to embark on a journey of self-discovery, flexibility, and relaxation? Our Begin Together orientation class is the perfect starting point for individuals of all ages and fitness levels who wish to explore the numerous benefits of yoga. We begin with an introduction to yoga, touching on the history & philosophy of the practice. We will also cover basic terms you will hear in a yoga class. You will be introduced to a variety of yoga poses that will help with your strength, stamina, and flexibility. You will also learn some breathing techniques common in yoga classes. This class is designed for those new to yoga to gain a basic understanding of the practice.

Rise & Shine Together

Start your day with an energizing practice that awakens the body and offers clarity of mind. An all-level class that offers space and freedom on the mat to center you through the rest of your day.  This class allows the instructors’ style to shine; it could be a peppy Vinyasa class or a slower Hatha class; moving through the poses mindfully and concentrating on the breath. This class is appropriate for almost all levels.

Flow, Sculpt & Stretch Together

This class is set to energizing music and designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group by combining weight training and Vinyasa-style yoga flow.  Full body strengthening with body weight resistance to get your heart rate and metabolism moving.  Burn some extra calories, build healthy bone density, tone up those shoulders, biceps and core, and leave feeling calm, strong, refreshed and rejuvenated to start your day! Weights are provided however, yogis are welcome to bring their own weights. This class is appropriate for yogis who have been practicing for 3-6 months. 

Chill Together

This yin-based class is a passive practice that focuses on releasing the muscles and getting into our connective tissues. Practice is mostly seated or lying down and poses are held for three to five minutes each. We make use of props to create a supporting structure for our muscles to relax and let go, allowing gravity to take our bodies down toward the earth. Enjoy the feelings of rejuvenation and steadiness that arise from a Yin Yoga practice as you slow down, move from noise to silence, from agitation to calm, from complexity to simplicity.

Meditate & Restore Together

This is a slow, grounded class that focuses on rest and relaxation. Students are supported by props so the body can be comfortable, shifting the nervous system into a “rest and digest” state that is deeply rejuvenating. This practice helps to draw your attention inward, creating a sanctuary from the over-stimulation of daily life. Gentle stretching and restorative postures allow the body to relax, unwind and rejuvenate. Props are incorporated to help sustain poses with added comfort.

Flow & Chill Together


This class combines gentle vinyasa flow with yin.  The first half of the class will focus on gentle stretches, holding these poses for 3 minutes or longer; the second half of the class will focus on gentle flow movements and poses.

Pilates & Yoga Fusion

Enjoy moving and sweating in a room heated to 85 degrees with infrared heaters. Warm/hot yoga has been shown to help improve both blood circulation and flexibility, burns calories, increase lung capacity, and may help with stress reduction.  Prepare for class by hydrating with water 24 hours prior to class. Bring a towel! 

Take a Break Together

Step away from your day and move, stretch, and clear your mind in this gentle yin & flow class. This 45-minute class is designed to get your blood flowing without breaking a sweat, enabling you to return to your day refreshed and re-energized.

Flow Gently Together

This class is appropriate for the beginner student as well as the seasoned yogi who would like to slow down their pace. We take time moving in and out of the poses and also take time to look inward and feel the benefits of each pose. Verbal instructions and variations are offered to encourage the student to work at their own level. This is an all-levels class. Leave feeling energized and stress-free.

Come Flow With Us


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